What’s this show all about?

Laughter, of course!  But stories also mean to inspire compassion and creative thinking. 

Focus is on child relevant topics such as: Friendship, underdog heroes, imaginary play, working together, trying new things, kindness…

Themes often incorporated: Literacy, classic (but tinkered with) fairytales and folk tales, environment, healthy eating, classic (but tinkered with) nursery songs, sometimes even a little science gets in there!… General age of audience taken into consideration.

Every sketch is alive with audience participation. Lindsay invites kids to sing along, dance, contribute ideas, call in response, supply props, and more.

The program is a series of short stories/ skits starring Lindsay and one life sized puppet at a time. Usually 6-8 puppets in the course of an hour.

New stories are introduced throughout the year to encourage annual visits! Check out the story archive below for summaries of new sketches and old favorites!

How long? How many? Age range? 

Lindsay will work around your schedule! Usually performances are 45 min. to an hour, but sometimes multiple half hours or 20 min. blocks better suit a rotating crowd. Up to four performances per day.

Most appropriate for ages 3-8, but that range can stretch in both directions and adults really enjoy the show too.

Most audiences are 10 – 100 children (plus adults), fewer than 60 kids preferred.

Set Up?

Spacial Considerations:

Indoors or outdoors. No stage or low stage preferred. Small, intimate spaces are not a problem. No height restrictions. Large auditoriums can sometimes present challenges as this is a very interactive show, so let’s discuss specifics!

An ideal situation would be a patch of floor at least 5′ deep and 10′ wide for performance space and  gear. (Gear usually includes a tv tray size folding table or two, a stool, possibly a french easel, and 2- 4 duffel bags of puppets.)

Kids sitting cross-legged on the floor accommodates active participation throughout the show. (Lindsay marks a boundary line.) Chairs arranged with enough space for kids to squeeze past each other is OK too. Parents can sit in chairs out back or with little ones (especially really little ones!)

Other Needs:

A table of any size is nice but not necessary. Otherwise, Lindsay brings everything needed.

Lindsay projects well, but if amplification is needed, she brings a modest speaker and wireless mic. Electricity is appreciated but not necessary as system can run on batteries. Wireless receiver can also be plugged into your speakers, but she’s no expert, so please have the know-how on hand!

Set Up Time:

Half an hour is generally enough time to unload car and set up, but if parking is an issue or climbing many flights is involved, please let her know in advance so she can plan accordingly!


And Now Presenting….The Story Archive!

Lindsay will tailor a line-up that will best meet the needs of your audience. No pre-selection necessary! She’ll consider age appropriateness, venue, popularity and new-ness. This list will give you an idea of what to expect:

The Three Little Pigs:  Pinky plays all the pig parts and provides a surprise ending for this fast paced and classic tale….and who plays the wolf? The kids!

Lumpy the Snowman: You’ve heard of Frosty, now meet Lumpy! He’s large as life with a larger than life personality. Watch as a few loose snowballs become a goofy and opinionated pal.  Lindsay tries to put together a classic look, but Lumpy has his own ideas. Carrot nose? How about a carrot unicorn horn instead?

The Greatest Race: This little pony is used to coming in last place, but when he sets his mind towards training for the next big race, he discovers he has more stamina than he ever knew! He’s still not the fastest, but when the race takes a strange and scary turn, his hard work and new attitude pays off in an even bigger way!  

 Earthworm Aerobics: Slim is excited to get moving with some aerobics, but Lindsay’s choice of “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” overlooks the fact that Slim lacks the necessary body parts. He teaches us some interesting facts about earthworms with his own version of the tune and an original song and dance number, “Ain’t it Fun to be a Worm!” 

Francie Flamingo: Everyone becomes a Flamingo Dancer during this mid-show celebration! Francie is feeling discouraged that she’ll never learn how to fly, but she discovers she’s more talented than she knows! Sometimes we also play a quick game of Francie Says (Simon Says).

Picky Polly: This little dragon has very particular tastes, but she teaches herself a hilarious lesson when she packs her own “secret lunch.”  The kids will help her get back on track. Is that…gulp…a vegetable?!

The Emperor’s New Clothes: Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale! The Penguin King Frump spends all day, every day trying on new clothes in front of his mirror and neglecting his royal duties…. until a couple of sneaky tailors teach him a hilarious lesson! 

New Jellies on the Block: Finny is a sweet but inexperienced little fish. When he hears some new jellyfish are moving to the seaweed forest, unlike his pal Chowda, he’s a bit wary. He learns through a harrowing experience, however, that differences between sea creatures are a good thing! 

The Tortoise and the Hare: A playful twist on an old tale- the kids demonstrate to these two that, while slow and steady wins the race, working together is even better! 

The Giant Turnip: Inspired by this classic folk story, the garden pest becomes a hero when Farmer Joe tries out a magic growing potion and his vegetable grows out of control! Gordon Groundhog digs deep to save the day! 

Meryl Sheep Saves the Day! All the sheep in the flock think cautious Meryl is a scaredy sheep, but when she pulls off a grand rescue mission that nobody else has the courage to lead, she becomes a hero! 

The Goat in the Chile Patch: Who can dissuade this stubborn mennace from eating all the farmers’ chiles? Not the biggest or fiercest…only the smallest member of the barnyard community…a bee! Tails will fly! 

One on One with the Cat in the Mask:  This hero reveals his secrets to the public! What’s his power? He ate a Dr. Seuss book and demonstrates his amazing rhyming abilities! Words really can save the day. Lindsay is surprised when she finds she’s being interviewed too- for the job of sidekick- fortunately one of the kids can step in!

The Princess and the Cheese: This familiar story gets a tasty twist! The kids help the story along and adorable Sophie mouse plays a slapstick little princess!

Beep Bop Beep:  AKA “Bob.” Designed to do chores, all this giant robot wants to do is dance! He will get the kids up on their feet with his vacuuming and laundry jigs- but nothing beats the “Robo-Boogie”. He is equipped with a mouth that lights up in time with his voice!

Lab Monkey: Einstein is eager to assist with an experiment in mixing colors- an illustration of the scientific method at work.  When his appetite for something more takes over, however, his “help” seems more like sabatoge!

Morris Moose: Morris offers some moose like suggestions for how Lindsay might surprise Gramma Moose… and when the kids sing along with us we really make her day!  Adaptable for various holidays!

Recycling Porcupine: What creature dug through the garbage last night? Bernie helps solve the mystery. He’s the star witness…and the star suspect!

Dinosaur Blues: This triceratops is feeling down, so she decides to bake herself a batch of Jurassic chip cookies to cheer up…but discovers with each cookie she shares that the best way to beat the blues is to do something nice for someone else. 

Aaarrgghh Matey: A giant space man has crashed to Earth! Now he’s learning how to become a pirate… with a noodle telescope, a duck for his shoulder, and a new name (Capt. Rotten Pickle). The kids help him get started on an important pirate skill- reading- and he reminds us what real treasure is. 

Pinky’s Surprise: Special for Birthdays!  Everything goes awry for this confused and wacky pig as he tries to plan a surprise party… it’s the thought that counts!

Outside the Box: With imagination and a bit of literary inspiration, the donkey and I will turn a simple cardboard box into a castle/ boat/ space ship. The kids come up with magic words to send us on our way, but some uncanny occurances hint that these words might be more than mere make believe…

Penny the Pup:  Kids adore Penny, a small yellow dog who knows lots of tricks…for treats. She’ll have the kids wagging their tails and howling with delight… 

Meowdini: “The World’s Greatest Feline Magician” will knock their socks off (or not) with his amazing stunts! Mind reading! A disappearing act! Levitation! Fire blowing! 

Betty Bear: A spunky disaster cook accidentally invents a new recipe! She falls asleep in her bowl, forgets or eats her ingredients (fortunately the kids will lend her theirs), and watch out when she decides her concoction needs hot pepper!

Louis Legstrong: Kids delight in his froggy rendition of familiar songs. Can the kids teach him how Twinkle Twinkle really goes?

Chickenstiltskin: This highly interactive and gentle version of a classic fairy tale keeps kids on the edge of their seats…kids catch eggs, participate in the coronation of the queen chicken, and more!

Anansi and the Magic Bag: Kids actually love catching the willies from this gigantic and lively spider! They teach the classic African folk hero a lesson about sharing when he comes across a magic bag in the jungle.

The Singing Snake: Tone-deaf Sydney plays a dirty trick to win a singing contest amonst the animals of the Australian outback, but she learns her lesson… the hard way. Will she have the courage to return home?

Doodle Dragon: Asks the question “What makes a good friend?” Kids collaborate to create an imaginary, wacky monster friend for this shy guy.

Fidget Fox: A charming and expert teller of tall tales learns the value of honesty.

Camilla Camel: Gets the kids up on their feet mid-show with her rhyming camel dance!

Crow: After a harrowing account of losing his tailfeathers over some french fries, can the kids teach this wise guy some manners? Well, they’ll try…

Tully Toucan: Opens with his mischievous antics and hack jokes. 

Little Big Man: This confused giant will try anything to become big and tough to win friends…but why not be himself? A twist on an African American folktale.