Lindsay Aucella’s comedic animation and timing, high energy, and uncanny knack for silly voices electrifies young crowds (and mastery of gentle crowd control will bring them back!) She believes the visual and interactive nature of puppetry can access the imaginations of even the youngest children. Through thoughtful storytelling she hopes to inspire creative play, self-confidence, and empathy. She also believes the experience of shared joy and laughter can strengthen a community!

Elementary schools, libraries, and early learning centers make up the majority of Lindsay’s clientele, to whom she makes annual visits. A couple of her more “high profile” annual performances include New Hampshire’s Deerfield Fair and First Night in Portsmouth. She was also specifically sought to perform for the inauguration of New Hampshire Governor Hassan and the 2014 MA Special Olympics, held at Harvard.

But wait…how did she get into puppetry, anyway?
While Lindsay, also a fine artist, was preparing a collection of paintings for a show, she had a chance meeting with a kindred spirit and soon to be mentor- Martha Dana. Martha, a highly esteemed and beloved performer of over thirty years, on the brink of retirement, graciously agreed to sit for a portrait…and a few months later hand selected her new friend to take over her humongous family of giant puppets. Now Lindsay has begun adding to the puppet family- starting with Gordon Groundhog, Roxy the Triceratops, Robot Bob, Meryl Sheep, Slim the Earthworm,  Horse, and Jellyfish!